Graham Bell

Graham Bell

Trained in linguistics and electrical engineering Graham has worked in just about every industry you can think of in his fifty-year career and has gardened all his life. He has taught Permaculture on six continents across thirty-one years and lives in the oldest intentional food first garden in Britain at his home in the Scottish Borders.

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Graham Bell is an internationally respected teacher, author, and lecturer in Permaculture and other allied disciplines over the last thirty years. He was the first person in Britain to be awarded the Diploma in Permaculture by Bill Mollison personally in 1990. The lead instructor on the Countryside Premium Scheme (for farmers) for Scotland in the nineties, He has taught (and still teaches) on six continents. He has been a trainer of trainers (originally with the Agricultural Training Board now called Lantra) for twenty-five years. His home in the Scottish Borders with his wife Nancy boasts the longest-standing intentional food forest garden in Britain. Over a thousand visitors a year (in previous times) attest to the amazing productivity of this space. The main career he shares is as a storyteller. We learn and teach understanding for all the creatures in the living environment, how they interact, and how we can make them available, sustainable for all with the least amount of work. We never cease believing a better future is possible and we keep sharing the skills to make it happen. This is only possible because we respect the prior knowledge of everyone who joins us in this progression. A qualified electrician in a past life his knowledge of people and plants is legendary. He says: "I cannot empower anyone but I have shown thousands that if you create the right habitat people can be allowed to empower themselves."


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